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Join me as I take you through the wacky worlds of sex toys, body positivity, mental health, and so much more!

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Sweet Vibrations Charmed Wand (Bluebell)

When I heard/saw that Sweet Vibrations was coming out with a wand, needless to say, I was ecstatic. After reviewing their Perfect Match and Tulips, I expected nothing but the best out of the Charmed. Unfortunately, that excitement was cut short as soon as I turned it on. The Charmed is made of body safe, […]

Tantus Cisco (Punk Rock Pink)

I need to preface this with, I am not a size queen. Especially not vaginally. I can get there anally, but it definitely takes a bit. So, when I received the Tantus Cisco from SheVibe, I was shook. I know I know, look at the description and the details of the product before requesting it, […]

KISSTOY – C-King Clitoris Stimulator

I never thought I would fall so in love with another pinpoint toy. After reviewing other pinpoint stimulation toys, such as the Noje Quiver (my original favorite pinpoint toy) and then the Zumio X, I was a bit skeptical of the C-King by KISSTOY. All of that skepticism went out the window as soon as […]

Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure

What is Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure? Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure is a queer run, body safe, body inclusive, online boutique.  The goal of HPP is to make everyone and every body feel welcome!  Pleasure products will be curated by me personally to include all body safe materials with body inclusive designs, and clothing items will be available […]

Vibease Ruby

The Vibease Ruby is, interesting. There are many toys that have this similar ‘tickler’ design, but the Ruby had been fully designed beautifully. It’s a gorgeous piece to look at, but that’s about where the praise stops. The Ruby is made of a silky smooth silicone. The main body of the toy is firmer while […]


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