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  1. PurpleSole says:

    That is lovely, I really like the pentagram shape to it.

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  2. Is that velvet? Looks great on you!


    1. Not velvet. It’s just a shiny fabric 🥰

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  3. nikki says:

    omggggg I love this. I want one of these bras so badly! What a gorgeous image.

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    1. Thank you so much! 🖤💋

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  4. jupitergrant says:

    I love this. Very witchy! 🤩

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  5. Violet says:

    Ugh this is such a hot pic! I have been coveting a strappy pentagram bra or other lingerie piece for awhile now and I think you have inspired me to finally get one! Thank you again for doing the #LIFE Weekly Round Up this week – I’m excited to see your faves!

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  6. DeviantSuccubus says:

    Very pretty!

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  7. May says:

    Love the crossing straps – looks fab

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  8. With this image you have discovered my weakness.

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  9. I love this! That bra is divine

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