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Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure

What is Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure?

Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure is a queer run, body safe, body inclusive, online boutique.  The goal of HPP is to make everyone and every body feel welcome!  Pleasure products will be curated by me personally to include all body safe materials with body inclusive designs, and clothing items will be available for all sizes and shapes.  

Heauxcus Pocus Pleasure came from trying dozens of sex toys, all of different designs. I began to notice that too many of the toys that I was trying weren’t compatible with my ‘larger’ body, which got me thinking about all the other people who aren’t able to experience their own sexuality due to toy design. It is my goal to only stock products that every single human can use.


Currently, HPP is in it’s funding and planning stages. You can help make HPP a reality by donating HERE and/or sharing the link to your own followers. I made a GoFundMe because I didn’t want to have any ridiculous time constraints on the fundraiser and I also wanted to be 100% transparent with costs and progress.

You can also check out the new HPP Etsy/Blog!!

$10 – My eternal gratitude.  There will be a whole page on the HPP website dedicated to people like you!
$25 – A hand written letter and an exclusive GFM HPP logo sticker! (+above)
$50 – An HPP logo t-shirt AND an exclusive discount code for the HPP shop! (+above)
$200 – A HPP goodie bag put together by me! (+above)

What does that mean for Pink Space Lime?

Absolutely nothing! I will still be making content as usual, while maybe a little less often. I will not be reviewing products that I have in the shop, however. I will leave that up to the customers via the HPP website.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you would like to contribute something to HPP but cannot do so financially, I am always need of business and marketing help, as well as networking. Either way, please spread the word! Everything helps make HPP a reality!