Before I'm Dead

Moon hangs aroundA blade over my headReminds meWhat to do before I’m dead Night consumes lightAnd all I dreadReminds me what to do before I’m deadSun reclines, heats my mind Reminds me what to leave behindLight eats night and all I never saidReminds me what to do before I’mTo see you To touch youEpochs fly,…


“Those who are unhappyclutch at shadows, and togive themselves an enjoymentthat truth refuses them, theyartfully bring into being allsorts of illusions.” – Marquis de Sade


Over the last couple of months, my attempts at ‘body positivity’ have felt severely fake. I am constantly relearning how to love myself and my curves. No, I don’t have the perfect hour glass, plus size figure, but I am sexy in my own ways.

Doors #sinfulsunday

Note: I took this a while ago and had it in queue, but, like my #LiFe post, this will be my last Sinful Sunday for the month of October and well into November. I am so busy with both of my huge projects (Drawlloween & Creep-a-thon) PLUS my new blog that I don’t have time…

Desire #sinfulsunday

Baby, I’ll learn to touch youI wanna breathe into your wellSee, I gotta to hunt youI gotta to bring you to my hellBaby, I wanna fuck you,I WANNA FEEL YOU IN MY BONESBoy, I’m gonna love YOUI’M GONNA TEAR INTO YOUR SOUL DESIRE, I’m hungryI hope you feed mehow do you want me, how do…